WarnerMedia Latin America

Fabio Medeiros – Vice President Sports Latin America – WarnerMedia Latin America

Fábio is a Brazilian-Portuguese with dual citizenship. He is currently Vice President LATAM of Sports at Warner Media (now with the new brand TNT Sports) and Founder of Esporte Interativo, which was purchased by WarnerMEdia and incorporated into the new sports brand. Responsible for all Sports operation in Latin America with large operations in Brazil, Argentina and Chile and with a team between São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Santiago and in several countries in Europe. He is also responsible for the products and content formats, whether editorial or commercial, marketing, new business as well as all production and programming of all media / products of the channel: Social networks, apps, pay TV, open TV and all other digital platforms of the group.
Fábio manages a team of 120 people who have made “Esporte Interativo” the most engaged sports media brand in the world and the first Sports OTT in the region, as well as leading all content and products of the new TNT Sports brand across Latin America.

Gustavo Minaker – Head of Sports Latam & GM Chile Office – WarnerMedia Latin America

Ejecutivo de más de 20 años de experiencia en la industria de medios y entretenimientos. Liderando la vertical de deportes el área de mayor crecimiento en los últimos años de la compañía para Latam y la gerencia general de la oficina de Chile. Gran experiencia en liderazgo y Managment, con una marcada orientación a los resultados. Importante experiencia en contenidos y negociación, con experiencia en canales premiums y básicos. Este año bajo mi liderazgo obtuvimos la Champions league para Brasil y México la cual distribuimos en tanto en HBO Max como en TNT con grandes resultados.
Unificación de la marca deportiva a TNT Sports para Latam. Récord de suscriptores en el negocio premium tanto para Argentina como Chile. Importante crecimiento de más del 300 % en Estadio TNT en el 2021, el producto directo al consumidor que tiene la compañía en deportes.
Manejo de más 350 personas en Chile y 290 personas más en era de deportes fuera de Chile.
Hemos obtenidos importantes premios en el año en varios programas de deportes que producimos, destacando Todos Somos Técnicos y obteniendo récords en audiencia.

Gustavo Minaker – Head of Sports Latam & GM Chile Office – WarnerMedia Latin America

Executive with more than 20 years of experience in the media and entertainment industry. Leading the sports vertical, the area with the highest growth in recent years of the company for Latam and the general management of the Chile office. Great experience in leadership and management, with a strong results orientation. Important experience in content and negotiation, with experience in premium and basic channels. This year under my leadership we obtained the Champions League for Brazil and Mexico, which we distributed on both HBO Max and TNT with great results.
Unification of the sports brand to TNT Sports for Latam. Record of subscribers in the premium business for both Argentina and Chile. Important growth of more than 300% in Estadio TNT in 2021, the direct-to-consumer product that the company has in sports.
Management of more than 350 people in Chile and 290 more people in the sports era outside of Chile.
We have obtained important awards during the year in several sports programs that we produce, highlighting Todos Somos Técnicos and obtaining audience records.